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           Of The People... By The Women... For The People

I know, from my many years of hands on experience working with poor and disadvantaged people in both developing and developed countries throughout our world... especially since 1999 with our internationally awarded  SolvePoverty  mentorship project...that the only way we are ever going to eradicate poverty in all its forms on this planet...

... is by giving our women access to the tools, resources and funds they need to sustainably bring mercy, justice, education, good health, new economy solutions and resilience to every person in every Community on this Planet...

... regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, creed, mental/physical disability, financial situation or political persuasion.

That said, I acknowledge that there are many wonderful agencies that currently provide the poor and needy people of our world with food, clothing, healthcare, shelter, etc... 

... but they mostly rely on donations and corporate/government grants... have very high overheads... and invariably operate independently of each instead of working together... with the result that they don't always have enough funds to consistently provide for everyone in need in their chosen area of operation... so most of what they give is a "hand out"... instead of the sustainable "hand up" that is intended.

Our approach is to support these agencies... by partnering with socially responsible people throughout our world who are embracing new age technology to create asset backed social investment programs that are focused on creating the new levels of consistently growing revenue that are needed to give everyone the "hand up" they need... regardless of where they live.

We also need to address the high level of costs in the remittances industry where Banks are charging an average fee of 11%... Post Offices more than 7%... and other Agencies more than 5%... 

... which is too much and is made worse by the fact that.. all too often... some or all of the funds sent home by expatriates to their families or communities ...never reach their intended beneficiaries.

Our new age programs will ensure that 100% of all funds we generate will get to the Community they are generated in... via internet/satellite devices and services that we will provide, where necessary...

... and we will achieve this level of funding by outsourcing all of our operational requirements to our approved Social Business Partners...  and paying all of our operational and personal costs out of our own profits from our own investments.

Our program is called the Community Team Builders (CTB) Project... it is free to join... and is open to anyone throughout our world who wants to eradicate poverty in their own respective Community... and make this planet of our's a better place to live... for everyone already here... as well our future generations...


Peter (Pappy) Young

International Social Business Mentor

Founder/CEO, Community Team


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