Community Team Builders

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By the end of 2020...
  • Women are expected to have controlled $43 trillion of global consumer spending through voluntary private consumption or an exchange of money for goods and services;
  • Women-owned companies will represent over 40% of all registered businesses worldwide; and...

  • Women will change the workforce landscape with a more than 40% average participation rate;

      ... but most of the profits are still not going into our Communities.

Your Future
  • There will be 100 million more women in the global labor force by 2030;

  • The gender gap in labour participation rates will continue dropping.

  •  Millennials will represent the largest proportion of female labourers by 2030; and..

  • 100 million more working women will contribute to the global economy by 2030...

...  and most of the profits will still not go into our Communities...

                                                         So it is both essential, and fitting, that our programs...                                                                 ... are implemented and managed by our women in the Communities. 
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Community Team Builders, 2014