Community Team Builders

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We need to get the poor and needy people of our world from where they are... to where they need to be... and we can only achieve this by working together to bring mercy, justice, education, good health, new economy solutions and resilience to every person... in every Community on this Planet.

In developing countries the extreme poor have to survive on less than US$1.25 per daywith thousands dying every day because of challenges such as starvation, disease, conflicts, refugee migration and natural disasters... so our funding options will include... but not be limited to...

Education -      Building schools, Student Books, Uniforms, Meals, Teachers salaries, etc.

Energy  -         Off grid solar power & wind power,

Environment - Tree planting, recycling, waste management

Food  -            Agriculture, Aquaculture, Hydroponics

Health -           Building/repairing Hospitals/Aid Posts, training doctors/nurses, Caring for the elderly and disabled 

Water  -           Access to cleanand constant water supplies.

In developed countries the average cost of living is well in excess of US$50 per day, so the poor and needy are challenged by issues such as low incomes, insurmountable debt, low quality food intake, unemployment, homelessness, family separation, drug addiction, mental/physical illness and crime... and we recognise that there is no limit to the range of programs that need funding, including...

Community -      Day Care, Meals-on-wheels, Personal Carers, Aged Care, Special Needs

Education -        Pre-School, Primary/Junior, High/Senior School, University, Trade, Student Meals, Student Loans, 

Emergency -      Ambulance, Fire, Police, Security,

Energy  -            Off grid solar power, wind power

Environment  -   Tree planting, recycling, waste management

Food  -                Food Banks, Local Business/Farm Subsidies, Aquaculture, Hydroponics

Homelessness -  Accommodation/Housing, Employment, Education Assistance,

Health -               Building/Repairing Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Rehab/Drug Treatment Centres, Mental Health Services, 

Job Creation -     Carpenters, mechanics, farmers, gardeners

Local Business - Subsidies, drop shipping, family discounts.

Most of the small Non Profit/Community Organisations, schools, hospitals, small businesses and everyday people we seek to support and fund will not have the skills and resources needed to efficiently implement and manage our new age social investment programs so...

... when we are ready to launch our new age social investment platform...

... we will reach out via social media to those socially responsible people, organisations & businesses throughout the world who want to eradicate poverty in their home Communities...

... and discuss how we can work together to achieve their respective goals in 2020 and beyond.


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