Community Team Builders

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I am 71 years “young” and have always relied on my own “inner strength”...  
and love of my brothers and sisters throughout our troubled world.. and keep
going in the both the good and the rough times… especially now… with the 
COVID-19 Virus impacting the health and livelihoods of everyone throughout  
our world…

… and one way I get am getting the extra boost of faith and determination I need to 
carry on is by getting on my treadmill… and pumping up to the music of our own 
Aussie icon, John Farnham... in the order below.

I set my treadmill on Speed.6, Inclination.7… cover 2.05Kms in 20.45 mins
and burn 400 Calories.

Give it a try!

Peace, Love, and Hope.
Peter (Pappy) Young
International Social Business Mentor 

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Community Team Builders, 2020