Community Team Builders

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     1. This Membership is optional for those of you who have invested funds in Stage.1 of our  
         COVID-19 Recovery Project... via our GoFundMe campaign 

     2. 100% of your investment will be allocated to the COVID-19 Recovery Project.

     3. We will send you project updates to the email link you give us in the Registration Form below.
     4 . We will not share your details with any other Third Party. 

     5. When Stage.1 of the e-Commerce program is launched you will be given the option of having your
         investment repaid to you... or allocated to a humanitarian project of your choice in your Community.

     6.  You are free... and welcome... to register your interest in a Social Investment Membership below.
     1. Our Social Investment Membership is for those people who want to invest in a humanitarian Project. 

     2. You can either nominate a humanitarian project you want to support or choose one of the many
         projects CTB is already funding.

     3. Your investment will need to be at least US$100.

     4. 100% of your investment will be allocated to the humanitarian project you nominate.

     5. When your nominated project's account begins generating funds... you will be given the option of 
         having your funds repaid to you... re-allocated to your current project... or allocated to another project
         of your choosing.

     6. 100% of all funds generated by your project's account will be sent to our team on the ground in your
          nominated Community... and you will be introduced to them via email.

     7. Register your interest in joining our CTB Network as a Social Investment Member by selecting the
        "Social Investment Member" option in the "Membership Type" field in the  Registration Form below. 

     8.  We will contact you with more details via the email link you provide us with in your Registration Form.

                                                 SOCIAL BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP
     1. Our Social Business Investment Membership is only available to businesses who comply with our
         Social Business criteria as set out on our <ABOUT> Page. 

     2. Register your interest in joining our CTB Network as a Social Business Investment Member by
         selecting the "Social Business Investment Member" option in the "Membership Type" field in the
         Registration Form below. 
     3. We will email you our Social Business Application Form.
     4. Your application will be assessed by our Social Business Team… and they will contact you for
          further details, if required.

     5. You will be advised whether or not your Social Business Investment Membership has been approved             in due course... at which time your fee of US$1,000 will be payable.



Membership Type

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Community Team Builders, 2014