Community Team Builders

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                                                       NON-INVESTMENT MEMBERSHIP

      1. This Non-Investment Membership is for those socially responsible people who do not have
          a humanitarian Project they want to support... but they want to be part of our global network.  
      2. There no fees to join our CTB Network as a Non-Investment Member

      3Register your interest in joining our CTB Network as a Non-Investment Member by selecting the
         "Non-Investment Member" option in the "Membership Type" field in the"CTB Membership Registration           Form"  below.  

      4.  We will confirm your Registration... by return email.

     5. Our Social Investment Membership is for those of you who want to invest in a humanitarian 

     6. You must nominate either a humanitarian project you want to support… which has to be approved by
         us... or choose one of the many projects CTB is already funding.

     7. You will only be required to invest US$100 when your Project is approved and this US$100 
         will be repaid to you when your project's account begins producing funds for your project.

     8 Register your interest in joining our CTB Network as a Social Investment Member by
          selecting the "Social Investment Member" option in the "Membership Type" field in the
         "CTB Membership Registration Form" below. 

     9.  We will contact you with more details via the email link you provide us with in your
          Registration Form.

                                 SOCIAL BUSINESS INVESTMENT MEMBERSHIP
   10. Our Social Business Investment Membership is only available to businesses who comply with our
        Social Business criteria as set out on our <Criteria> Page. 

   11. If accepted, you will be required to invest US$1,000 for which you will be allocated a CTB 
        Social BUsiness Investment Platform for your business... and your business will be added to 
        our E-Commerce system. 

   12. You must also nominate either a humanitarian project you want to support… or choose one of the
         many projects CTB is already funding… which have to be approved by us… and your US$1,000 
         investment will be repaid to you when your project begins producing funds.
   13. Register your interest in joining our CTB Network as a Social Business Investment Member by
        selecting the "Social Business Investment Member" option in the "Membership Type" field in the
         "CTB Membership Registration Form" below. 

   14. We will email you our <CTB Project Proposal-2020.doc> which covers the Project Proposa
          information you need to send us; plus…

   15.  Our <CTB Proposal Budget Template.xls> which you must use to create your budget itemising
          your projected costs for the first year of your proposed Project in US$.     
   16. Your Proposal files will be passed on to our International CTB Project Assessment Team for
          evaluation… and they will contact you for further details, if required.

   17. You will be advised, in due course, whether or not your Social Business Investment Membership
         and nominated project have been approved for funding... and will be given the Banking details for 
         your US$1,000 investment Fee.
                                                     OUR CTB RESPONSIBILITY

  18. CTB will invest 100% of the funds generated from the CTB Platforms in all approved
        humanitarian projects.

  19. CTB will manage all approved humanitarian Platforms to ensure that the funds are 
         invested and managed responsibly in the recipient Community.

  20. CTB will assess the performance... and success... of the management of each approved project... 
        and will... subject to a 100% approval rating... and after 3 months of operation... pass the total
        management of each approved project over to the approved Project partners.

  21. CTB will reserve the right to withdraw some, or all, CTB funding from any Project it has
        documentary... or management proof... that it is not being managed, and accounted for, in 
        accordance with the mutually agreed... and formally signed...  terms and conditions of each project.




Membership Type

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