Community Team Builders

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                                                             OUR SOCIAL INVESTMENT PLATFORM

We have created a unique “Team Build” Social Investment Platform for those people/groups in the Communities
throughout the world who do not have the ability or resources to raise funds for their local programs.

This Platform is unique because…

     *   unlike historical one-off grants,  it will create a regular, ever growing source of funds for the recipients that will
       enable them to confidently budget their expenditures for both the short and long term… on a monthly basis.

     * The funds will be managed and accounted for by approved women on the ground in the receiving Communities.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone throughout the world has access to... and gets... the maximum benefits from our new age "Team Build" Social Investment Platforms...

and that 100% of the revenue generated is invested in the Community it is generated in.

But most, if not all, of the people my teams and I want to serve in the Community will not have the skills, resources and/or time required timplement & manage their platforms efficiently by themselves... so we have created our "Community Team Builders"  Membership Program (CTB) to ensure that everyone in the world does get access to, and the best possible results from, our "Team Build" Social Investment Platforms.

... is unique because...

   *    We have no Managers, Partners, or Directors… and outsource all of our operational functions to approved 
         social business partners; 
   *    We have no reliance on... but will welcome... donationsgrants, or  corporate investment;
   *    We generate 100% of our revenue from social investments;
   *    We pay all of our operating costs using our own assets;
   *    We have the only cash guaranteed, fully staked, bank traded cryptocurrency in the world… on our own Bank 
         managed cryptocurrency Exchange
   *    We have our own unique cyber secure E-wallets;
   *    We invest 100% of the revenue we generate in the Community it is generated in;
   *    We will get 100% of that revenue to that Community with the minimum of transaction costs and 100% security;  
   *    We will manage and account for those funds on the ground in that Community.

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Community Team Builders, 2014