Community Team Builders


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Are you a Leader... or a Follower?

Our CTB Members are Socially Responsible people throughout the world who...

  • Innovate - where Followers only administer;.
  • Are original - where Followers only copy;
  • Develop - where Followers only maintain;
  • Focus on people - where Followers only focus on systems and structure;
  • Inspire trust - where Followers only rely on control;
  • Take a long range perspective - where Followers only opt for a short range view;
  • Ask what and why - where Followers only ask how and when;
  • Have eyes are on the Horizon - where Followers only have eyes on the bottom line;
  • Originate - where Followers only imitate;
  • Challenge the status quo - where Followers only accept the status quo;
  • Are their own people - where Followers are only the classic good soldiers;
  • Do the right thing - where Followers only do things right.

Our CTB Members...

Understand Their Circle of Competence...

None of them are good at everything, but they all become incredibly successful by honing in on what they excel at.

Harness Their Passions...

The path to their success is almost guaranteed to be arduous but, if they love what they do, they will thrive on the inevitable challenges and have the stamina to achieve their potential. If they pursue something just for the money or because they “think they should” -- it probably won’t end well.

Career Paths Are Fluid...

They demonstrate that they don’t need to have their career all mapped out...what’s essential  is to always keep their eyes open for new opportunities and be open to change.                                                                                   

Create Their Own Opportunities...

They don’t wait around for someone to recognize a talent in them and offer them a break. It would be awesome if the world worked that way but, unfortunately it rarely does. If they want something, they have to figure out a way to make it happen.

Question Everything...

They don’t blindly follow others. They think on their own and understand that just because something has been done one way for years doesn’t mean that it’s the best way, or that another way won’t work.

Don't Let Fear Of Failure Deter Them...

They know that trying new things is essential for growth and if you don’t take risks you will never get anywhere. As a result, they view falling down as just part of the process.

Are Resilient...

Every single one of them has failed once or more at some time, but they found success because they were able to stand back up and try again... learn from their mistakes... and try something new. The point is, they force themselves to keep moving forward.  

Our Social Business Partners Agreed Objective Is To..

  • Overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment issues) which threaten people and society... not profit maximization;
  • Have Financial and Economic sustainability;
  • Only get back their investment amount... with no dividend given beyond their investment money;
  • Keep their profit with their company after their investment amount is paid back... for expansion and improvement;
  • Be environmentally conscious... and active;
  • Pay their staff and employees the minimum market wage... with quality working conditions; and...
  • Ensure that every member of their staff is a member of a Champion team.

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