Community Team Builders

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Our CTB Team Members are Socially Responsible people throughout the world who...

                          * Innovate                                        Not administer.
                          * Are original                                   Not copy.
                          * Develop                                         Not maintain.
                          * Focus on people                          Not focus on systems and structure.
                          * Inspire trust                                  Not rely on control.
                          * Take a long range perspective    Not opt for a short range view.
                          * Ask what and why                        Not ask how and when.
                          * Have eyes are on the Horizon     Not have eyes on the bottom line.
                          * Originate                                        Not imitate.
                          * Challenge the status quo             Not accept the status quo.     
                          * Are their own people                    Not just classic good soldiers.
                          * Do the right thing                          Not do things right.

                     Our Social Business Partners commit to...

                          *   Overcome poverty, or one or more problems (including education, health, 
                              technology access, and environment issues) which threaten people and 
                              society... not profit maximization;

                          *   Have Financial and Economic sustainability

                          *   Only get back their investment amount... with no dividends given beyond 
                              their investment money;

                          *   Keep their profit with their company after their investment amount is paid back... 
                              for expansion and improvement;

                          *  Are environmentally conscious... and active;

                          *  Pay their staff and employees the minimum market wage... with quality working
                             conditions; and...

                          *  Ensure that every member of their staff is a Non-Investment Member of our
                             CTB team.

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Community Team Builders, 2014