Community Team Builders

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                                                 Blockchain technology is changing the way the financial world...                                               ... will do business in 2021... and beyond.

As at 12th October, 2020... there were 7,371 cryptocurrencies in the Blockchain... including Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum... all of which are...

        *    mined with powerful, energy thirsty computers
        *    currently sold through 30,932 independent agents;
        *    stored on Agent’s own wallets that are open to hacking;
        *    not asset backed (with cash in escrow);  
        *    not traded by any Banks; 
        *    totally speculative; and...
        *    can be, and have been, stolen by hackers...

... so they are not a safe and reliable investment for humanitarian projects.


We have created our own cryptocurrency that...

     *    is a Proof of Stake (not mined) coin:
     *    has it’s own unique Blockchain;
     *    is not sold through agents;
     *    is cash asset backed;
     *    will be sold/traded by 76 International Banks via our own exclusive Coin Exchange;     
     *    is regulated by the International Banking Regulator; 
     *    is stored in our Member’s exclusive e-wallet... on their own device... with their own unique password; 
     *    is the 1st coin dedicated to humanitarian projects throughout our world; and...

... we expect to publicly launch it in the coming months.
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Community Team Builders, 2014