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I am a 72 year old British born Australian Social Business Mentor who was commissioned by the Australian Government to go to Papua New Guinea as a Patrol Officer in 1970 where... for the first time in my otherwise privileged life... I came face to face with the plight of the poor and needy which affected me so much that when I finally returned home to Australia in 1979... I dedicated myself to doing whatever I could to eradicate poverty in our world.

In 1998, I read about the inspiring work of Dr.Muhammad Yunus, a University Professor in Bangladesh, who had recognised that "credit is the last hope left to those faced with absolute poverty"... and was lending his own money to village women... interest free... to create small businesses that benefited themselves and the people in their respective communities... and all of these women were voluntarily repaying these loans in full over time.

So, I went to Bangladesh and visited many villages all over the country where I saw how successful this program actually was... and it inspired me to find a way to apply this social business model to generate the revenue streams needed to fund poverty eradication projects of all sizes worldwide.

On my return to Australia I co-founded the SolvePoverty project which took young orphans from the rubbish dumps of Tondo, in Manilla, and mentored them to become IT Programmers and Technicians... won a number of International awards... and has been responsible for thousands of successful self-help projects throughout the developing world... including Syntactics and LetItHelp.

From 2002-2013, I continued my mentoring work in the field in a number of countries including Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, PNG, Viet Nam, Vanuatu and the Philippines.

In 2014, I was introduced to an Australian group who were embracing the new age blockchain technology to create a social investment platform dedicated to funding humanitarian projects worldwide... 

... so, I created my Community Team Builders Project to ensure that 100% of the profits generated by my Members from this new age social investment platform are invested in humanitarian projects in their nominated Communities throughout the world.

I currently have a steadily growing network of more than 50,000 socially responsible people worldwide who... 

·         Innovate - where others only administer;

·         Are original - where others only copy;

·         Develop - where others only maintain;

·         Focus on people - where others only focus on systems and structure;

·         Inspire trust - where others only rely on control;

·         Take a long-range perspective - where others only opt for a short range view;

·         Ask what and why - where others only ask how and when;

·         Have eyes on the Horizon - where others only have eyes only on the bottom line;

·         Originate - where others imitate;

·         Challenge the status quo - where others only accept the status quo;

·         Are their own people - where others are the classic good soldiers; and...

·         Do the right thing - where others only do things right.

... and I outsource all of my operations to a network of Social Business Enterprises whose…

·         social business objective is to overcome poverty... and not profit maximization;

·         investors get only their investment back... with no dividends;

·         profit stays with their company for expansion and improvement;

·         workforce gets a market wage... with quality working conditions;

·         commitment is to ensure that our members are able to buy the best value products in the world; and...

·         commitment is to invest an agreed % of their profits in our Community Team Builders Project..

Most importantly, I pay all of my personal costs from my own investments...

... and my personal commitment is to invest 100% of the revenue I generate from my social business operations... plus any investments I receive... in humanitarian programs throughout the world.

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Community Team Builders, 2014