Community Team Builders

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"Peter is one of the most patient people I know. 

He has been on the path of eliminating poverty for many, many years, with mixed results but no less tenacity. 

He has this will propelling him to do good in the world, even though he has to wait for the world to catch up. 

Inclusivity and kindness are only two of numerous words I use to describe him. 

When Peter gets the break he and his cohort so rightly deserve...

...  watch out world... we won't be able to not participate. 

Instead, we will be pleasantly delighted and dismayed at what has always been possible." 

(Denise Hall, SME Business Value Analyst, Melbourne, Australia)

In 1970, I was commissioned by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs to go to Papua New Guinea as a Patrol Officer responsible for the total administration of a number of Government Patrol Posts in the East Sepik District being Maprik, Dreikikir, Yangoru and Angoram which included going on 2-3 month patrols into remote areas to conduct census/health checks, resolve land/other disputes, maintain law & order, construct roads/bridges and resolve any other issues whilst also overseeing the operations of other Government Departments in my allotted region... and I was awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal (POSM) for my service.

From 1979-1998, I held senior management roles responsible for establishing Training and Mentorship programs for a number of organisations and, in mid 1998, whilst the GM of a major Melbourne based IT company, I met Simon Healy, a dynamic young man who shared my view that young people living in poverty needed a "hand up" rather than a "hand out"... and we co-founded the SolvePoverty Project which, with the support of Denis Perry, the then CEO of the Opportunity International Organisation, saw Simon going to the Philippines and creating a unique program where he took young orphans off the rubbish dumps of Tondo, in Manilla, and successfully trained them to become IT Programmers, Technicians and Web designers for which he won a number of International awards... was invited to attend the inaugural Miller Centre GSBI program in 2003... and has been responsible for helping to create thousands of self-help projects throughout the developing world of which Syntactics and   LetItHelp are primary examples.  

I decided to focus on finding other ways to give the poor and needy a sustainable "hand up" and went on a field trip to Bangladesh in 1998 where I witnessed first hand a village funding program created by Muhammad Yunus, a University Professor in Chittagong, who recognised in 1976 that "credit is the last hope left to those faced with absolute poverty" and  began lending his own money to village women "entrepreneurs" to create small businesses that would help them to better provide for themselves, their families and the people in their village communities... and these women were all repaying their loans with interest over time.

Inspired by this self help program, I balanced my executive career from 1999-2008 with mentoring trips to various developing countries including Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, PNG, Viet Nam, Vanuatu and the Philippines... and constantly saw the need for a new program that would sustainably empower every person in the Community, and not just the "entrepreneurial" women..

In the midst of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis I lost my source of regular income and investments when the business I was a senior partner in collapsed but... despite being unable to secure another full-time paying position and losing our family home and most of our savings...  I continued to do whatever I could to help the poor and needy in my Community whilst Simon continued to manage, and expand, the reach of our SolvePoverty Project.

In 2012, Simon had a terrible accident and was medevacked back to Australia where he has been convalescing ever since but our many SolvePoverty Project proteges have continued to spread its reach around the globe.

In mid 2014, I invested in a new age social investment platform created by an Australian Group who had embraced blockchain technology to create a unique stable cryptocurrency that… unlike Bitcoin that is “mined”, extremely volatile, and not asset backed… is backed with cash assets by the HSBC Bank who head an International consortium of Banks who are all dedicated to funding humanitarian causes... will generate the funds I need to implement my unique self-funding Community Team Builders Project... and is expected to be launched in 2022...

... so, with COVID-19 "threatening to reverse human development by 30 years"... we are going to create and launch our Buying2Give E-Store worldwide... [ACTION]                        

We have a steadily growing network of socially responsible people worldwide who currently reach more than 60 million like-minded people worldwide who... 

·         Innovate - where others only administer;

·         Are original - where others only copy;

·         Develop - where others only maintain;

·         Focus on people - where others only focus on systems and structure;

·         Inspire trust - where others only rely on control;

·         Take a long-range perspective - where others only opt for a short range view;

·         Ask what and why - where others only ask how and when;

·         Have eyes on the Horizon - where others only have eyes only on the bottom line;

·         Originate - where others imitate;

·         Challenge the status quo - where others only accept the status quo;

·         Are their own people - where others are the classic good soldiers; and...

·         Do the right thing - where others only do things right.

We outsource all of our operations to a network of Social Business Enterprises whose…

·         social business objective is to overcome poverty... and not profit maximization;

·         investors get only their investment back... with no dividends;

·         profit stays with their company for expansion and improvement;

·         workforce gets a minimum market wage... with quality working conditions;

·         commitment is to ensure that our members are able to buy the best value products in the world; and...

·         commitment is to invest an agreed % of their profits in our Community Team Builders Project...

And we pay all of our personal expenses from our own investments... and are committed to investing 100% of the revenue we generate from our social business operations in humanitarian programs throughout the world.

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Community Team Builders, 2015