Community Team Builders

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Community Team Builders...
... are not a Company, Foundation or Charity.

We are a Global Network
of Socially Responsible people and businesses
who are dedicated to ensuring that
every community on this Planet
is self-reliant
and not dependent
  on financial support
from either Governments or anyone else.

Our Mission...

... is to make every community on this Planet Self-Reliant by giving those people who survive the COVID-19 virus... access to the tools, resources and funds they need to sustainably bring…

... Mercy, Justice, Education, Good Health, New Economy Solutions, and Resilience

… to every person in every Community on this Planet... 

... regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, creed, mental/physical disability, financial situation or political persuasion.

Our Commitment...
... is to ensure that…

     *   100% of the revenue we generate from our Social Investment Programs is invested in our Member's nominated 

     *   100% of that revenue gets to that Community;

     *   100% of that revenue is managed and accounted for by CTB approved women in that Community; and...

     *   Everyone in that Community gets access to, and the maximum benefit from, our Programs.

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Community Team Builders, 2014