Community Team Builders

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1. Who am I?

I am a 71 year "young" British born Australian who... as a son, a husband and a father... has...

  • spent his whole adult life trying to eradicate poverty and bring peace to our planet;
  • co-founded the successful, multi-award winning Solve Poverty project in 1999; and...
  • finally found a way... thanks to new age technology... to support socially responsible people to...
... bring mercy, justice, education, good health, new economy solutions and resilience to every person in every Community on this Planet...

... regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, creed, mental/physical disability, financial situation or political persuasion.

2. What is my career background?

As a Project Mentor since 1970, I have held many executive positions... worked in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vanuatu and Vietnam... and successfully empowered numerous socially responsible people to create poverty eradication programs throughout our world... but have never been able to find sustainable ways to help them fund their projects for the long term.

But now, with new age technology social investment platforms our partners expect to have fully tested and launched by the end of the 2nd quarter of this year... we will be able to seriously look at funding any existing or new programs that seek to eradicate poverty... in all its forms... with regular, growing revenue streams.

3. Why me?

That's for you to decide. If you can find any other male who is growing a vast network of socially responsible people throughout the world who are committed to eradicating poverty on our planet...  and is going to invest 100% of his project's revenues in programs managed by the women in every Community on this planet... let me know and I will gladly collaborate with the them.

4.  Why only women managers?

Because I believe in... and am embracing... the social business model created for the poor women in Bangladesh by Dr. Muhammad Yunus... which has since been implemented in many countries throughout the world... including the USA where it operates under the banner of Grameen America...

... and I know that only our women can be trusted to bring mercy, justice, education, good health, new economy solutions and resilience to every person in every Community on this Planet.

5. How can we trust you?

I am not asking you to trust me... I am asking you to trust yourself and those people you choose to work with... to do the right thing by the people in your Community... and yourselves.

6. What is the name of your Organization?

It is called "Community Team Builders", it is a new age Social Business For Profit Membership Program...without Fees... and 100% of the revenue we generate from our social investment  programs will be invested in the Community the revenue is generated in... and our Members will be rewarded with investment returns and other Member benefits

7. How can you commit to invest 100% of your Revenue?

We will outsource all of our operations to approved Social Businesses who will be responsible for covering their own overheads and investing their profits in our project in keeping with our Social Business partnership rules...

... and I will fund our own costs from the proceeds of our own "arms length" investments... [Criteria

8. What personal benefits will we get from this project?

If you register with us... and are approved... you will be...

  • given your own social investment account which we will manage, initially, to ensure that you are well compensated for your work; 
  • privy to exclusive CTB Member only rewards that will include a Travel Club, our own private global  e-commerce system,... and many other benefits as we quickly grow our global membership;
  • formally recognised for supporting the poor and needy in your Community; and...
  • personally benefiting from this account for as long as you support us.

9. What personal benefits will you get from this project?

As in (7) above, I will have my own investments out of which I reserve the right to repay all the debts I have incurred in creating this project... buy my wife and I a comfortable cottage and have enough income for both of us to live in peace and comfort for the rest of our lives... and make sure our two adult children are secure... after which we will be investing all of our future revenue in humanitarian projects of our own choosing.

10. What Programs/Projects are you going to support?

We will look at funding any existing program or project that seeks to eradicate poverty in all its form in every Community throughout our world for the long haul... 

... but our specific focus is on identifying, and supporting new initiatives where groups of women are already active... or want to be active... in their respective Communities... but do not have the resources and/or funds to do so...

... and the only funding limit will be whatever it takes to achieve this goal... [WHAT].

11. Do you have a template we can use to submit our Proposal/Budget?

No, because we want to be able to gauge the level of administrative and financial support you are going to need so you need.

12. What projects are you going to personally support?

I am going support any worthwhile humanitarian projects I believe in, like the following projects that are very special to me...

13. Can men join this CTB program?

Yes, everyone is welcome to join and work with us... but they must accept that only our women members will manage our approved programs in their respective Communities throughout the world.

                                    Please feel free to send me any questions you would like answered ...                                                                 ... and I will personally respond to them as quickly as I can...


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