Community Team Builders

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                        SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY            

The UNDP-Annual-Report-2020 stated that...

"It took COVID-19 very little time to expose and exploit overlapping inequalities as well as weaknesses in social, economic and political systems, threatening to reverse human development by 30 years”.

Finding a way forward from COVID-19 will be the journey of our generation. And it starts with a choice: to make the pandemic the tipping point that leads to transformation for people and planet – or not”…

… and “Nothing short of a great transformation in how we live, work and cooperate is needed for human development to continue for everyone”.

At Community Team Builders we are committed to eradicating poverty in all its forms on this planet and know from our in field experiences that many Communities in developing countries never get any funding so, as part our contribution to this "great  "transformation"we want to implement a women owned and managed social investment platform that will capture online profits and invest them in programs that will ensure that every Community on this Planet gets access to the funds, resources and support their people need to create peaceful, respectful and sustainable lives for themselves, their loved ones, and everyone in their respective Communities... 

...regardless of their age, gender, creed, race, disability or financial situation...  

... and over and above any donations, grants and bequeaths they already receive from charitable organisations.

With your support... this is exactly what we are going to do... .. [Action]


Peter (Pappy) Young


International Social Business Mentor

Founder/CEO, Community Team Builders


Melbourne, Australia

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